RBW Knits is my “home base” for something I’m really passionate about… Knitting!  I’ve been knitting for years (since about 2001) and it will forever be my favorite thing to do with any free time I have.

I will be posting about the great patterns I find online to knit and sharing my interests with learning new techniques, and polishing old ones, new tools, etc. 

Lately I’ve finally branched out into writing my own patterns as well.  This is going to be a learning and growing process that I hope you’ll share with me!

You’ll also notice a tab in menu that’s not knit related.  I was a blogger long before I ever picked up knitting needles. So how could I not include a personal blog here as well? Keto & Life – a Journal is where I will be writing about another of my life’s biggest things, food, keto, etc.  Check it out if you are interested!

For now there’s not much to see but I will be busy changing that ASAP!  

So Stay Tuned and thanks for visiting!