knitting, keto and life during the pandemic

Well I finally made it back here to say hello and catch you up.  I know that sounds like I have news, but I really don’t.  This post is more of a confession really.  I just haven’t felt much like posting lately.  Just a bit unmotivated.  I won’t blame it all on the COVID pandemic, although that has played a part.  I still feel dumbfounded that we are where we all are in the world right now.  My usual reaction to stress if one of two things:  becoming like a deer in headlights and do nothing, or stick my head into the sand and still do nothing.  

I have still been knitting, and doing Keto since I was here last.  I made another slip stitch baby blanket. Here’s a photo.  Isn’t it pretty?  Same pattern as last time. (not my pattern) The slip stitch pattern can be found here on Ravelry.

And I do have yet another baby blanket on the needles.  I haven’t snapped any pics of it yet.  I promise I will get to that soon and make a post about it.

Now about Keto…

Keto is still a thing for me.  Although I have had a tough month from October to November. I lost and gained the same 5 lbs a couple times.  I’ve just now made it back to my “low” that I originally made it to around October 9th.  

I am very committed to keto these days.  In 2018 I lost about 50 lbs and I wish I could say I had kept it off.  But at least this go around I’ve learned that it has to be a complete change of my way of eating for life, and I’m committed to it.  So I’m down 27 lbs since June 1st and though that’s not where I’d like to be but I’m happy that I’ve stayed true to the Keto journey and still doing this day by day toward my goals.  

So that’s where I’m at for now.  Swirling around in my brain is a new sock pattern to come soon and also wondering what the heck the holidays are going to look like for me and my family.  I honestly still just don’t know. 

I hope you are all doing well as can be during these crazy times.


I’ve been concentrating on my Keto lifestyle and trying to get into a rhythm of exercise.  If you knew me you’d know i HATE to exercise.  Hate it with a capital H.  But for the umpteenth time I’m trying to get healthier and lose unwanted pounds. So, I’ve changed what I eat and vowed to exercise 4 days a week.  I’ve also vowed to burn 500 calories a day (exercise or not).  So yes, that’s been keeping me busy trying to figure out how to do that and still have a life too.  It’s going so so.

The first 3 months I didn’t even try to exercise.  I was just concentrating on learning to eat better. I lost 18ish pounds.  Now that I’ve started exercising I’m having to figure out how many calories, carbs etc to eat to compensate for the exercise and still lose weight.  My body is weird. If it figures out I’m exercising it says “hey there goes all my fuel. Give me more or I’m gonna put a halt to the weight loss”!  Even if I’m eating way less calories than I’m burning so it’s just hard trying to figure all the moving parts out to this journey.  I’ll get there one way or another.

This is my go to meal lately. A 4 carb bun and whatever fixings I throw in.

And here is my pimento-less cheese spread on celery with a spinach salad.

And here is my favorite “snack” lately. Perfect snack craving substitute.

Half of August was at a stand still weight wise but in the end the last two weeks were good. Now roll into Sept and it’s stalling again as I have added exercise, mostly core strengthening exercises, to the mix. Not sure why this has to be so difficult. Soon I hope to find a gentle decline again (weight wise). I’m not the most patient person so this whole week with no loss is really pissing me off 😫


Hurricane Weather & Baking

It’s been a strange day of waiting and watching. Hurricane Laura hit the Louisiana coast at Cameron in the early am hours as I held my breath. I have a dear friend and family that live in the Lake Charles area and I was really scared for them all. Flashbacks of weathering Hurricane Ivan in Florida all those years ago still rise and feel so vivid.

I live only 5 miles from the LA MS border so sometimes I feel as if LA is where I live.

I’m thankful to hear this morning that my dear friend Mary is fine along with family. I feel like even with the destruction we all dodged a bullet that could have been so much worse. But I am still nervous about seeing the damage.

At the moment I can’t watch the news because we have no power today. I’m not complaining. Just stating a fact. I’m very grateful that’s my only problem today.

Before the storm hit I stayed busy baking a new batch of bread. Wanna see?

I call these “Blissful Buns”

These make perfect sandwich or hamburger buns and only have 5 carbs!

They are very filling and although they don’t have the exact same texture and taste as regular buns or bread I think it’s a game changer for me because I no longer have to eat my burgers rolled up in a lettuce leaf!! And sandwiches in general are back on my keto menu because of this recipe!

You can find the recipe here Keto bread recipe.

Their recipe makes smaller buns with only 2 carbs. I have doubled the recipe ingredients and only made 7 buns so that’s why mine have 5 carbs and the recipe says 2. We just like the larger size buns. Even at 5 carbs that’s a sight better than the usual 16-20 or more carbs any bun or sandwich would have.

And luck y I made these yesterday because today our power is out due to high winds and a fallen tree somewhere between us and the highway.

See what a pretty sandwich the buns make!