I’ve been concentrating on my Keto lifestyle and trying to get into a rhythm of exercise.  If you knew me you’d know i HATE to exercise.  Hate it with a capital H.  But for the umpteenth time I’m trying to get healthier and lose unwanted pounds. So, I’ve changed what I eat and vowed to exercise 4 days a week.  I’ve also vowed to burn 500 calories a day (exercise or not).  So yes, that’s been keeping me busy trying to figure out how to do that and still have a life too.  It’s going so so.

The first 3 months I didn’t even try to exercise.  I was just concentrating on learning to eat better. I lost 18ish pounds.  Now that I’ve started exercising I’m having to figure out how many calories, carbs etc to eat to compensate for the exercise and still lose weight.  My body is weird. If it figures out I’m exercising it says “hey there goes all my fuel. Give me more or I’m gonna put a halt to the weight loss”!  Even if I’m eating way less calories than I’m burning so it’s just hard trying to figure all the moving parts out to this journey.  I’ll get there one way or another.

This is my go to meal lately. A 4 carb bun and whatever fixings I throw in.

And here is my pimento-less cheese spread on celery with a spinach salad.

And here is my favorite “snack” lately. Perfect snack craving substitute.

Half of August was at a stand still weight wise but in the end the last two weeks were good. Now roll into Sept and it’s stalling again as I have added exercise, mostly core strengthening exercises, to the mix. Not sure why this has to be so difficult. Soon I hope to find a gentle decline again (weight wise). I’m not the most patient person so this whole week with no loss is really pissing me off 😫


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