Hurricane Weather & Baking

It’s been a strange day of waiting and watching. Hurricane Laura hit the Louisiana coast at Cameron in the early am hours as I held my breath. I have a dear friend and family that live in the Lake Charles area and I was really scared for them all. Flashbacks of weathering Hurricane Ivan in Florida all those years ago still rise and feel so vivid.

I live only 5 miles from the LA MS border so sometimes I feel as if LA is where I live.

I’m thankful to hear this morning that my dear friend Mary is fine along with family. I feel like even with the destruction we all dodged a bullet that could have been so much worse. But I am still nervous about seeing the damage.

At the moment I can’t watch the news because we have no power today. I’m not complaining. Just stating a fact. I’m very grateful that’s my only problem today.

Before the storm hit I stayed busy baking a new batch of bread. Wanna see?

I call these “Blissful Buns”

These make perfect sandwich or hamburger buns and only have 5 carbs!

They are very filling and although they don’t have the exact same texture and taste as regular buns or bread I think it’s a game changer for me because I no longer have to eat my burgers rolled up in a lettuce leaf!! And sandwiches in general are back on my keto menu because of this recipe!

You can find the recipe here Keto bread recipe.

Their recipe makes smaller buns with only 2 carbs. I have doubled the recipe ingredients and only made 7 buns so that’s why mine have 5 carbs and the recipe says 2. We just like the larger size buns. Even at 5 carbs that’s a sight better than the usual 16-20 or more carbs any bun or sandwich would have.

And luck y I made these yesterday because today our power is out due to high winds and a fallen tree somewhere between us and the highway.

See what a pretty sandwich the buns make!

I’m procrastinating, baking, but not knitting … yet

  So I’ve been baking quite a lot lately,  and procrastinating about my next sock pattern.  I had this vision in my head that didn’t quite work out. So, as far at the sock pattern goes I’m back to almost square one with that.  

For those of you that don’t really know me (yet) I’m doing keto again.  I’ve done this before and lost quite a bit of weight so it was the first thing I wanted to go back to this time when I finally admitted to myself that I HAD to lose weight AGAIN.  Ugh…  

So since I don’t have a new sock pattern to show you yet, I thought I’d show you what else I’ve been doing lately.

Doing keto the two things I miss the most are bread and pasta.  So this go around I’ve made it a mission to learn to bake or create both.  I’ll get around to sharing my favorite recipe finds if you are interested.

Here is a photo of my keto loaf bread I made yesterday.  Did you spot the really strange looking slice? LOL  That’s the end piece.  It somehow got stuck in the middle to cool.  

You might even say cooking is my second obsession since I probably do it more than anything else in life. And it’s also true that I hate cooking.  Weird I know, but true.  Two factors keep me in the kitchen though.  One, I practice a low carb food lifestyle (most of the time) and low carb bread is not really something you can find at our local WalMart or market.  And Two, we live nearly 40 miles from the nearest Walmart (GASP) so I bake it at home. 

I’m always on the hunt for  a great recipe for bread that looks like bread, has the taste and texture of real sandwich bread, that is toastable and slices great, and isn’t “eggy” tasting.  And if you check out my Pinterest Board for Keto Breads Etc. you’ll see I’ve been collecting quite a few recipes to try!

This particular recipe gets a grade of 3 1/2 stars out of 5 from me.  I’ve made it quite a lot but only because I haven’t found a “sliced bread” recipe that works better yet.  I’m working my way around Pinterest for almond flour recipes for sliced bread still. Stay tuned on that note.