Brainstorm – a new sock pattern

Here it is, my latest labor of love.  And I am in love with these little socks!

It has a strong heel and round toes, knit with a set of dpns size 0-2.

Since it’s a shorty sock it takes very little yarn!  Less than 50 grams of sock yarn per pair!

I’ve loved knitting and developing this free sock pattern.  I’m slowly learning that I should write the pattern down as I go along, instead of waiting to the end.  Tiny details escape me, even though as simple as this sock pattern appears, I found that I had forgotten a few tidbits here and there.

There is definitely a learning curve transitioning from knitting other people’s patterns to developing and writing your own.  This will be my second go around.  Please know that you won’t hurt my feelings if you feel like making suggestions or letting me know how well the pattern works for you. I’d love the feedback!

Download Link: Brainstorm Socks v 1 .1